Our Favorite Articles about Cohousing and CoHousing Solutions


Coming of Age in Cohousing

Growing up comunally brings exposure to the world of adults - and lessons in interdependence

Realtor Magazine:

A Niche in Cohousing for LGBT Seniors

CoHousing Solutions' client, Village Hearth Cohousing, is setting the trend for LGBT Seniors in the housing market. 

Towergate Insurance: 

Community 2.0; Is Cohousing the Future of Urban Design? 

One of the UK's leading insurance intermediaries produced an info graphic talking about how cohousing just might be the future of urban design. Although many of the stats are UK specific, the overall message of the graphic can certainly be applied to housing in the US. 

New York Times:

There's Community and Consensus. But It's No Commune

"People immediately think communes, but cohousing is not a commune where everyone lives under one roof,” Dr. DePaulo said. For aging hippies and baby boomers, however, dedicated senior cohousing offers an alternative to a retirement home.

Fast Company:

The Future of Housing Looks Nothing Like Today's

After a century, Americans are choosing to live together–transforming not just the buildings we live in, but the way we live in them.


Making Room; Housing For a Changing America 

In this infographic article AARP highlights cohousing as an alternative housing option that is making a big difference

Psychology Today:

The Modern Homemaker

When, as a student studying architecture abroad in 1980, Kathryn McCamant first encountered Denmark's community-focused housing complexes—the ones she'd later stake her career on bringing to the U.S.—she didn't give them much thought. . . 

Parade Magazine:

How America Lives; Creating Housing Options for Boomers, Veterans, Millennials and More

When was the last time you actually borrowed an egg from the guy next door? Do your friends show up in your social media feeds more often than in your backyard? Do you even know your neighbors’ names—and would they know if you needed help?