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More cohousing communities in North America have been successfully launched by Katie's workshops than by any other means. They provide focus to your group’s time and energy, and aid in moving a project past initial feasibility to getting the required commitment and buy-in from a group of community members, investors, project developers and other professionals. This is an efficient and necessary step for the integration of the project budget and financing, the design and development, and the community building and sales required for a successful cohousing project.

These full weekend workshops are given by CoHousing Solutions founder, Katie McCamant, whose experience is grounded in 30 years designing over fifty socially vibrant and environmentally sustainable communities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Workshops provide a clear overview of the cohousing development process, covering development strategies, timelines, financing options, raising the money, working together, outreach and recruitment to give your group the tools to effectively plan next steps. In addition to customizing the workshop for your specific needs, it will also cover:

The Cohousing Process

  • An overview of the development process, from initial meetings to moving in.

  • Forming and organizing a group, working together and issues to address early.

  • Development Scenarios – the group’s role, consultant’s roles and options for finding/working with a developer.

The Technical Issues

  • Money – how to get money in and get money out.

  • Financing options, ownership structures and financial realities. (What will it cost?)

  • Designing for community – design issues.

Working Together

  • How does the group organize to make decisions effectively?

  • Getting along – the dynamics of group interaction and reaching your potential.

What Next?

  • Am I ready? What do we do now? Next steps.

  • Your role, the group’s role, and the role of professionals.

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