Seniors in Cohousing

Senior cohousing is an innovative solution to meet the unique needs of an aging population. Aligning co-care practices to address emotional needs through a supportive community environment fosters stimulating environments for pro-active seniors.

Cohousing aims to address the largest obstacles to aging gracefully, including isolating environments that instill loneliness and fear and over-sterilized, impersonal environments of nursing homes and elderly care facilities. Aging in community allows for a boost in interaction among seniors and offers an important safety net of social inclusion.

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"Extraordinarily appealing for us to be the kids!"

– Wolf Creek Senior Cohousing resident

"Graceful aging belongs to people who say to themselves: I’m going to age, I’m not going to stay the way I am now and I’m prepared for it."

– Arthur Okner, resident at Silver Sage

"At my old place I was fixing the house all the time, that was my leisure time, now I help fix the community."

– Wolf Creek resident

Why Senior Cohousing?

  • Aging in community

  • Escalating housing prices

  • There are more than 77 million boomers in the U.S., and by 2030, this demographic will represent an estimated 20% of the population

  • Seeking connectivity, not condominiums

  • Building relationships, not just casual acquaintances

  • It’s a whole lot of fun!

Our Work

CoHousing Solutions has successfully guided a number of senior cohousing projects from the initial brainstorming phase through construction. 

The communities listed below are among a few of them. 

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CoHousing Solutions is also currently working with several newly formed senior groups like: 

Village Hearth Cohousing in Durham, NC

Heartwood Commons Cohousing in Tulsa, OK

Learn More

Interested in starting a senior cohousing community in your city? Pro-activity is the first step!
Email to receive more information or schedule a consultation with Katie McCamant by calling 530-478-1970.

You can also learn more about the important work of addressing senior-specific housing from our friends at SAGE Cohousing Advocates based in Portland, OR. Learn more about them on their website.

CoHousing Solutions “Ask a Cohousing Resident” interview series offers first-hand insights into the abundance of senior cohousing’s benefits. Learn more on our YouTube Channel.


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