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Let’s Launch Cohousing!

Workshop Date: October 6, 2018

Minneapolis, MN

Led by CoHousing Solutions Affiliate Shelly Parks, of CoVision Consulting, we will focus on launching cohousing in the Twin Cities area by exploring ways to better get the word out about cohousing and our projects.

Cohousing communities not only bring benefits to the people living in them, the positive effects radiate beyond the walls into neighborhoods and beyond.

If you are interested in cohousing and seeing more of it, please come to this workshop.

We will all learn how to talk more effectively to prospective cohousers and give folks a better understanding of what it is all about. The more folks that know about and talk about cohousing the better all of our chances are at building better communities. The more we are able to develop cohousing communities, the more options you will have when you are ready to join in.

If you are interested in cohousing and desire to be a part of a community, this would be a great workshop to attend as the focus will be on ways to increase interest in cohousing and to gather our future neighbors.

For workshop details and to register, visit

About the Presenter

Shelly Parks is an affiliate with Cohousing Solutions and had a career in leading Sales and Marketing teams. She now shares her years of professional experience in helping cohousing communities market and build their membership. Shelly and her husband, Charles, are also members of the forming Skagit Cohousing in Washington State. To learn more about Shelly, go here.

For more information about the Let’s Launch Workshop, see the brochure here.

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